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POPCORN TOPS....Just a little history about our "popcorn" tops...

Origami tops are made by hand. The fabric of the tops is gathered into a repeated flower design

that is tightly bound with string. The tops are then steamed to make the gathered flowers permanent.

Next, the string is removed and the tops are flattened with a steam iron. The result is a top with a

dramatically beautiful pattern. Some origami choices are two-tone. This is accomplished by a process

called paper transfer in which colored paper is laid over the fabric and steamed to impart color to

all of the high spots while leaving the indentations uncolored. These tops are lightweight and perfect

for summer. Origami will stretch to fit without clinging to the body and never needs to be pressed.

FanciMar Nails

Let me introduce Color Street Nail Strips, 

that's right nail strips; base, color, and top coats of high quality 100% real nail polish in each strip.   Strips that are easily applied to your nails - no tools - no drying time resulting in fast, easy, fancy nails!    

For more information and to order your set of strips

click here or 

call (614) 578-1264

Call to setup your Nail Bar (party) today!

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